Our Thesis

Underpinning our work is a thesis – a big vision of the role of software in the world, the impact it has had so far, the impact it will have in the future and the part Workflow86 plays in it all.

Software is eating the world. Indeed, software has taken over large swathes of the economy, and our everyday lives. And yet, we believe the transformational power of software that we have seen so far is just a tiny fraction of what is possible. Why? Because all software so far has sprung from the minds of only a small number of people.

There is historical precedent to what we are experiencing with software. For thousands of years, knowledge and information was stored in written text and books that were only accessible to a literate elite who held a monopoly on this knowledge, and well as learning and education. This monopoly was sustained because producing and reproducing written text was so slow and expensive. Hand-writing could produce 4 pages per day. Handing printing could produce 40 pages per day. This all changed in 1440 when the invention of the Gutenberg printing press made it possible to produce 3,600 pages per day. The resulting increase in access and flow of information and knowledge, the spread of revolutionary ideas, and the increase in mass literacy, fundamentally changed the world as we know it.

Today, the ability to read and write code is held by a small minority who also have a monopoly on what can and cannot be done with software. Yet as software continues to dominate all aspects of everyday life and society, we fundamentally believe that this is unsustainable. This is why we believe no-code platforms will be the Gutenberg Press of the 21st century. What transformational software could emerge when, instead of the estimated 30 million software developers today, we have 300 million or 3 billion people who can build and create software? What valuable expertise and knowledge could be captured, shared, and scaled across the world if the person who holds it could turn it into software? This is what excites us about what we are building at Workflow86.