What is Workflow86

Workflow86 is an all-in-one no-code platform. Instead of relying on connecting external apps together, Workflow86 takes the approach of bringing as much of the functionality and features users require into a single, unified platform. Workflow86 combines an extensive range of internal in-platform apps with highly flexible APIs allow users to integrate with other apps when needed. Workflow86 provides a single, unified workflow automation ecosystem that allows users to do as much of the value-added tasks in a workflow inside of just one platform. This approach allows our users to build more powerful and complex workflows, provides them with greater control and visibility over their workflows, unifies their data into one single source of truth, and reduces the number of SaaS apps they have to manage and pay for.

Why no-code?

Software is eating the world. Software now dominates large swathes of the economy, and our everyday lives. Yet, we believe the transformational power of software that we have seen so far is just a tiny fraction of what is possible. Why? Because right now, building software means reading and writing code, which also means that all software so far has been built by the estimated 30 million software developers around the world today. What transformational software could emerge when, instead of 30 million people able to build software, we have 300 million or 3 billion people who can build software? What valuable expertise, knowledge, processes and operations could be captured, shared, and scaled across the world if the person who holds it could turn it into software? This vision of a world where everyone and anyone can build a custom software tool at any time, is why we are working on Workflow86.

Our Team

Aaron Tran

Founder and CEO

Aaron has a professional background in security and management consulting, with experience across critical infrastructure, energy, and government. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and Bachelor of Laws from the University of New South Wales.

Roy Sandjaja


Roy has over 15 years of professional experience in developing software. At Oracle, Roy was a key member of the engineering team developing Oracle Visual Builder. Roy has a Master of Science in Software Engineering with Distinction from the University of Manchester where he was also awarded best graduate, and a Bachelor of Computing from the National Univeristy of Singapore.

Maria Dementyeva

Graduate Software Engineer

Maria holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science majoring in Software Engineering from the University of Wollongong. Her prior projects includes developing data visualisation software for Sydney Trains and she maintains a keen interest in big data analytics technologies in particular.

Hieu Mai

Software Engineer

Hieu is a full-stack developer with a Computer Science degree from the University of New South Wales. Beyond web development, Hieu also pursues an active interest in AI and Natural Language Processing technologies.

What is with the name?

We allow users to automate complex analytics workflows in a no-code platform. There are 8 letters in “automate” and 6 letters in “no-code”. Also, no one had taken the workflow86.com domain.