🧱 Everything you need to build your workflow

We’ve got all the building blocks you need for your workflows. Our workflow components are designed to perform individual tasks discretely, they can be combined and connected with near unlimited flexibility. From simple tasks such as sending emails to more complex tasks including statistical analysis and natural language processing, we have the component you need. Simply drag, drop, and connect.

API Request and Response

Construct API requests based on a template and then parse the response into data that can be used in a workflow

Query Workflow Data

Create dynamic queries to find and extract data from any other workflow

Upload Spreadsheet

Run workflow sessions in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet of data

Conditional Workflow

Control whether certain workflow paths are executed or not using a conditional statement

List Transform

Transform list data/arrays including rearranging, extracting objects, sorting, filtering and more

Form Builder

A full-featured responsive online form builder to create forms, assessments, inspections and surveys to collect data for analysis.

API Import

Seamlessly integrate with existing applications and platforms by importing data via API


Handle everything from basic calculations to more complex functions such as statistical analysis

Auto-Machine Learning

Automatically train, evaluate and deploy machine learning models for regression and classification problems.

Conditional Logic

Create conditional logic, rules and decision trees to handle and transform data.

Knowledge Bank

Store and dynamically access your knowledge assets such as recommendations and conclusions.

Query Spreadsheet

Upload a spreadsheet and then create dynamic queries to find and extract data you can use in a workflow

Document Editor

A full-features rich text editor to dynamically generate documents and reports.

Natural Language Processing

Apply Natural Language Processing to analyse the sentiment, intent or emotion of text.

Static Maps

Render, capture and draw on maps and satellite imagery and then export them to content or for image analysis.

Data Visualiser

Dynamically generate charts and graphs to visualise and display data and calculations.


Design and dynamically send emails with a full-featured email builder.

Webhook Import

Seamlessly import data for analysis or transformation via webhooks.

Image Analysis

Analyse images to extract objects, text or find matches.

Airtable Integration

Create records, update records and more

Slack Integration

Send Slack messages with dynamic content at any point in a workflow

Typeform Integration

Run a workflow and pull data from a Typeform submission


and more...

With more powerful features being released into the platform constantly

🎨 A blank canvas for your workflow creations

All workflows and apps built in Workflow86 are created in a completely visual interface which we call the “canvas”. Building on this visual canvas is not only easy and intuitive but makes how the workflow functions more transparent and easy to understand for anyone. Our canvas also has full change tracking and version control, so you have full-transparency and control over your work.

🀝 Integrations to connect in your favorite tools

Things are better when they work together. Workflow86 has a growing number of integration components allowing you to seamlessly integrate your favourite apps and services into your workflows. Trigger workflows using Typeform, send Slack messages, grab data from Google Sheets and more.

πŸ”€ Branch and merge anything and anywhere

Branch one task into many, and then merge many tasks into one. Workflow86 gives you complete, near unlimited flexibility to connect components together to create the workflows you need. There are no limits on how many connections you can have or how many workflow paths you can create.

πŸ“š A marketplace to find the best ready-made workflows

You can start building your workflows from a completely new and blank canvas, or you can browse pre-built workflows covering everything from legal, HR, procurement, security and more. Import these pre-built workflows and use them as-is, or use them as a foundation for your own workflows by changing and customising them to your requirements.