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From Covid-19 to Cybersecurity: 18 workflows you can download right now

From workflows to orchestrate COVID-19 check-ins on a mass scale, to cybersecurity playbooks and response plans, we have just released 18 new workflow templates covering use cases across business operations, finance, legal and more, all of which you can clone and use right now.

How to conduct reference checks πŸ”ŽπŸ“„

If you have ever written a CV, you will have likely put down the name and contact details of someone to act as your reference. But do reference checks actually add anything to the process? or are they a relic of hiring practices that should be retired?

4 reasons why automation won't replace you πŸ€–πŸ§‘

Will the proliferation of automation software leave you without a job? We explore what role humans will play in automated workflows and how Workflow86 keeps humans in the loop in its workflows.

πŸ”₯ Generate online proposals and more with sequential form placeholders

We’ve just released one of our most requested features: the ability to use placeholders to dynamically render content inside of the sequential form.

Typeform integration launched

Learn about our new Typeform component which allows you to run workflows everytime a Typeform submission is made.

Workflow86 joins Cyrise

Workflow86 was built to empower organisations to analyse the most complex and challenging risks they may face, and we are excited to join CyRise to tackle one of the biggest and most relevant today: cybersecurity.

Cyrise is a venture accelerator program funded by Deakin University and NTT Ltd., with strategic partners including AustCyber – The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network Ltd and Australian Information Security Association.

Release of time-based functionality

We’ve just released several new components and features that allow users to control how workflows are executed based on time. Set when to start a workflow, and send reminder emails after a certain amount of time, and more.

πŸ’Ό Automate your recruitment process with 1 click

Learn how we built a workflow to handle our recruitment process from initial applicant expression of interest to drafting an employment contract.

Build signup flows in minutes

Learn how to build signup flows in minutes with Workflow86, and see how we built our own signup flow for early access inside our own platform.

Deakin NIST Toolkit

Learn how students at Deakin University used Workflow86 to rapidly build and implement a NIST Cybersecurity Risk Toolkit in just a few weeks.

Release of Airtable integration

We’ve just released a built-in Airtable integration that allows users to create and update Airtable records as part of their workflows.