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Build step-by-step onboarding workflows for new users, customers, employees, vendors and merchants. We make building and running multi-stage and multi-party onboarding workflows effortless with integrated task management, end-to-end tracking and more.

✅ Built-in forms and tasks to handle every onboarding step and task

Powerful built-in forms and task builder components allow you to easily create every step of your onboarding process in detail and in one place. Insert question fields, display content, upload files, render content from databases, apply conditional statements, pre-fill fields and more.

Download pre-built Onboarding templates

New employee onboarding

This workflow allows a manager to onboard a new employee into their organization. The manager can start this workflow by completing the form labeled “Initiate onboarding”.

New dealer/vendor onboarding

This workflow allows manufacturers to automate their dealer onboarding process. The manufacturer can upload files such as their dealer agreement (unsigned) and wholesale product catalog so that a new dealer will have access to the latest versions.

New customer onboarding

This workflow streamlines the process for onboarding new customers. The process initiates when a new customer completes a ‘New customer form’ which can be linked on your company website.

📍 Track onboarding every step (and second) of the way

Never lose track of the where your onboarding workflow is currently at, and who is doing what with end-to-end tracking of every step of every run of your workflow. You can even track time to complete to identify bottlenecks and continuously improve your onboarding workflow.

🤝 Collaborate between internal and external stakeholders, all in one workflow

Your onboarding steps can be seamlessly assigned to and executed by internal and external stakeholders and users. External users do not require a Workflow86 account to be looped into your onboarding steps, meaning you can include anyone into your workflow.

🔁 Build, iterate and update effortlessly with version control and migration

Constantly improve and iterate on your onboarding workflow with confidence – version control allows you to draft changes, test them and then deploy to production. You can also seamlessly migrate users from previous versions of your onboarding workflow to the latest version with just one click.

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