More automation, less SaaS apps

Automate your workflows and business processes end-to-end with just one unified no-code platform.

πŸ“¦ The All-In-One Package

Instead of connecting different external apps together like you do with Zapier, Workflow86 automates workflows using its extensive range of built-in apps which handle everything from forms to wikis, tables and databases, generating documents, complex logic and more. Highly flexible APIs and pre-built integrations allow you to easily connect with other apps when you need to. We’ve brought all the good stuff you need and use the most into one place, meaning you can automate more workflows inside of just one unified platform.

πŸ”€ Build more powerful, complex workflows

With all internal apps and features built and designed to work seamlessly together, Workflow86 allows you to build more complex workflows that would not be possible when connecting external apps together with Zapier. Because everything is in a single ecosystem, everything simply works better together. You also get far greater control over what you can build, with the ability to branch, merge and loop modules with near unlimited flexibility to tackle the most complex business processes with ease.

πŸ’Ό A single source of truth

When you automate a workflow by connecting external apps together, your data gets scattered, duplicated, unsynchronized, untracked and even lost as the workflow moves from app to app. With Workflow86, you can effortlessly manage, track and access your workflow data in one place, meaning you finally have a single source of truth for all your workflows and business processes. Our built-in databases also allow you to interact with your data just like a spreadsheet.

😌 Incredibly easy to use

With Workflow86, there is no pseudo-code or formulas to remember. Simply drag, drop, and connect on a fully visual interface to create powerful custom business tools. This means less time training your team and more time building useful tools and faster ROI.

πŸ€— Great things are worth sharing

Build a workflow and then package up the whole thing and share it just like a Dropbox or Google Drive link. Our approach to workflow automation also makes the workflows you build super portable. With just a few clicks, you can package everything in a workflow you have built and share it with anyone. Everything they need to run the workflow will already be contained inside the shared template, meaning little to no set up.

πŸ‘€ Take a peek at some workflow templates

When you build a workflow in Workflow86, you can share it with anyone you want using a shareable link. Take a peek at some workflow templates our users have created.

πŸ’Ό Business Operations

🦠 COVID-19

πŸ“ž Customer Support

🚨 Cybersecurity 

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» DevOps

πŸ’° Finance

πŸ‘· What can you build with Workflow86?

Security Operations (SecOps)

Create workflows to facilitate and enhance collaboration between IT security and operations teams. Create security playbooks, turn policies into interactive workflows and apps, streamline incident response and more.

Data collection, analysis and transformation

Create workflows to collect, analyse and transform data in real-time and at scale. Collect data using forms or aggregate data from multiple integrations, perform data transformation operations, conduct automated analysis and more.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Create risk audits and assessments, schedule them to be performed at regular intervals, automatically analyse the data and flag actions if a risk threshold is reached.

Human Resources

Create workflows to automate and scale your HR operations, from recruiting to performance reviews, training, on-boarding and off-boarding.

Sales and Marketing

Create workflows to automate and scale sales and marketing operations, from customer intake forms to auto-generate proposals, to workflows that track leads end-to-end, to sending custom emails and follow ups.

Development Operations (DevOps)

Create workflows to track and enhance DevOps, from quality control checklists to risk assessments, code reviews, approvals and more.

Β πŸ€” FAQ

How is Workflow86 different to tools like Zapier?

Zapier approaches workflow automation by connecting together different apps to perform each of the tasks in that workflow. The problem with this is that as a workflow gets more complex, it becomes unmanageable - your workflow becomes 8 different SaaS products all glued together, each product on different licences and pricing, your data is scattered everywhere, and things just don't seem to work as smoothly as you would like.

Workflow86 provides a single platform where all the core functionality required for business operations and processes are provided via its own suite of built-in apps, covering tasks ranging from online forms to generating documents, sending emails, creating databases, querying spreadsheets and more. This vertically-integrated approach to workflow automation has several major advantages, including the ability to build more complex workflows, having all of your data in one place (single source of truth), allowing you greater control over the workflow, and less SaaS subscriptions to manage and pay for.Β 

How much does Workflow86 cost?

Right now you can sign up and use Workflow86 for FREE 🀯 We have a free subscription that allows you to run 100 workflow sessions each month. A paid plan is also available with pricing to be finalised soon.

What integrations do you have?

We've got a growing list of integrations, starting with the most popular tools out there including Slack, Typeform, Google Sheets and Airtable. More integrations are being added every week.