Turn complex workflows into software without writing any code.

Streamline and automate highly complex workflows without writing any code. Faster, at lower cost, and so easy that anyone can do it.


[ˈwəːkfləʊ] Noun

The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.


[ˈwəːkfləʊ ā-tē-ˈsiks] Noun

A platform through which anyone can turn workflows into automated software without writing any code.

As easy to use as PowerPoint

Everyone has workflows they would like to automate, but not everyone can code. Workflow86 is a true no-code solution that solves this problem. There is no pseudo-code or formulas to remember, simply drag, drop and connect on a fully visual interface to create powerful, scaleable workflow automation software. This means less time training your team and more time building useful tools and faster ROI.

No-code for the really complex stuff

Unlike other workflow tools, Workflow86 does not just automate simple business processes and rules. Workflow86 is a no-code platform designed to automate highly complex workflows with dozens to hundreds of tasks, orchestrated across multiple teams or departments, and with hundreds or thousands of possible outcomes and outputs. We offer more powerful components and an architecture optimised for complex transformations, analysis, merging and branching of data.


Customise business logic and workflows for your current tools

You have a really powerful CRM, GRC or other software platform, but you need to customise business rules, logic or workflows to your requirements. Additional customisation would require either a developer or hefty set-up and customisation fees. Workflow86 acts as a no-code customisation layer for your existing software tools, seamlessly integrating with a range of platforms and allowing you to customise business rules, logic, and workflows yourself.

Automate and orchestrate processes and procedures

You want to know what is the proper process or procedure to follow to do something. With Workflow86, processes and procedures can be turned into automated workflows which orchestrate and ensure that each step is properly followed. Perform checklists, generate documents, ensure the right people are notified – all in one place and compliant every time.

Automate risk analysis and assessment

Based on certain factors, you need to generate a risk rating or score. With Workflow86, risk assessment and analysis can be handled in workflows that can process incoming data through complex, multi-staged analytics and calculations to arrive at a risk score or rating. Data can be collected within the workflow, or piped into it via API.


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