Pricing Terminology


Workflow session 🔄

Every time a workflow is run, it counts as one session. So if you run your workflow from start to finish 10 times, that is 10 sessions. A subscription comes with a number of workflow sessions per month. This number resets at the start of the monthly billing cycle.

Don’t pay for each step or action 🚩

We do not bill based on the number of steps, tasks or actions inside of a workflow.

A workflow can have up to 75 components (steps/tasks) inside of it. Whether a workflow has 2 steps or 50 steps, running that workflow only consumes one workflow session. This makes Workflow86 particularly well suited for more complex workflows with lots of steps.

User License 🧑

A User license allows you to invite a user into your Workflow86 organization or team. A user can then be assigned various roles such as Administrator, Editor and End User.

All subscriptions come with 10 user licenses included, so you can get your team up and running in Workflow86 right away.

User licenses are required if you have a workflow that can only be run by certain users within your organization. So if you have a workflow which you only want employees in your company to be able to access and run, all of your employees will need to be End Users.

If your workflow is open to the public (i.e. it can be run and started by anyone) then you don’t need to be an End User to run or start it.

File Uploads and Storage 💾

When a workflow is run, it may store files uploaded during its course (e.g. a file uploaded to a form) or it may generate files such as documents. These are stored inside the platform where you can access them via link or download them. Each plan comes with a limit to how many files can be stored in Workflow86.

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