Streamline and automate review and approval workflows for
contracts sales agreements corporate expenses procurement product access employee requests

Streamline and automate review and approval workflows, automatically assigning it to the right person, at the right time, and with all the information they need to make the right decision as efficiently as possible.

📌 Map your review and approvals workflows every step of the way

Map your review and approval workflows step by step with a combination of human-in-the-loop steps and automation to send messages, generate documents and more. Trigger review and approval tasks, and automatically assign them to the right stakeholders. 

✅ Pull in the right information to accelerate making the right decision

Streamline even further by pulling in all the data from the rest of the workflow or from external sources via integrations, and display them inside the form to accelerate and improve decision making. 

📍 Track reviews and approvals every step (and second) of the way

Track every review and approval step from start to finish, with full visibility on where your workflow is at, and who it has been assigned to in real-time.

🤝 Collaborate between internal and external stakeholders, all in one workflow

Review and approval tasks can be assigned to anyone, allowing you to manage multi-party reviews and approvals with ease. Loop in third-party vendors, customers, clients and more into your reviews and approvals.

Supercharge your business workflows

in under 5 minutes