Manage and automate service requests for
customer support purchase orders inbound sales services quotes review and approval

Provide a single point of entry and intake for requesting services your users, customers, vendors, employees and more. Combine this with automated or human-in-the-loop workflows, and built self-serve tools that empower users to find the right solution faster and at scale.

👋 A one-stop-shop for service requests from users, customers, clients and more

Create a single point of entry for your users, customers, employees or anyone to search and start service requests that instantly trigger a workflow.

✅ Increase agent productivity with built-in task management and human-in-the-loop

Built-in task management allows you to create and assign tasks to internal team members and even external users to quickly resolve service requests. Set reminders, due dates and view everything in a unified task inbox.

⚡ Improve service delivery time and responsiveness with automation

Once a service request has been received, build automated or human-in-the-loop workflows that can streamline follow up actions and tasks. From triaging the request, to creating review tasks to the right team, to automated emails and messages to keep the user in the loop.

📍 Track service requests every step (and second) of the way

Track every service request logged by a user from start to finish, with full visibility on where a request is it, who is handling it and how long it takes to handle. Easily identify where service requests bogged down, and then quickly iterate your workflow to improve and address these issues.

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