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Video guides and tutorials on Workflow86

How to use the document editor

A guide to using the Document Editor component to dynamically generate documents in Workflow86.

How to trigger a workflow from Zapier

A guide to using the Trigger from Zapier module to trigger a workflow in Workflow86 from a zap in Zapier. This allows you to start a workflow from any of the 3,000+ apps available on Zapier.

How to track when your workflow runs

Everything you need to know about tracking you workflow runs with the session logs. The session logs are where you track and monitor every time your workflow is run, as well as perform actions like terminating sessions.

How to build a workflow from scratch

How to build a workflow from scratch, featuring a product access workflow as the example. We go through setting up the components, passing data from one to the other, access controls, completing tasks, tracking via the logs, and more.

How to run your first workflow

Learn everything you need to know about running your very first workflow in Workflow86.

How to merge workflows

A guide to the Merge Workflow component. This allows you to merge multiple workflow paths together to remove duplication, create multiple triggers, and more.

How to insert placeholder values in the Assign Task

Learn how to render placeholder values inside of the Assign Task component to create dynamic content and information for your forms.

How to trigger a Zap

Learn how to use the Trigger a Zap component to trigger actions in Zapier from your Workflow86 workflows.

Guide to workflow access control

Learn everything you need to know about access control to a workflow.

How to set answer options from a database

Learn how to set the answer options for a question from the values in a database.

How to redirect users from one form to another

The new Linked Forms feature allows you to link forms together to automatically redirect users from one form to another form in the same web session.

How to copy components from one workflow to another

Learn how to copy and paste a component from one workflow to another so you can save hours of set up time. Build once and use many times.

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