Build powerful signup flows in minutes

Almost every business will require a signup flow at some stage, whether you are collecting signups for a service or product, or user details for your apps. Workflow86 allows you to build powerful signup flows with absolute control over every step. In fact, we built our own signup flow for Workflow86…inside of Workflow86:

Build your own custom signup flow in minutes

A signup flow is a workflow designed to capture details about a person who is expressing interest in a service or product. For example, you might want a signup form for a service your business is offering, or allow people to sign up as users for your website, or to register for an event you are holding and so on.

Workflow86 provides an easy way to build whatever signup flow you require in just a few minutes. You can create very basic signup flows that simply captures user data and emails or stores that data for reference, to more complex signup flows that trigger multiple actions such as exporting the data to other apps (such as a CRM), manual approval steps, custom documents and more. Here are some of the features which make Workflow86 a great place to build and run your signup workflow:

πŸ“ƒ Built in form builder so you can create your own custom signup form

πŸ“§ Our email component allows you to send confirmation and notification emails with user data pulled in from the form

πŸ‘ Insert manual review and approval steps with our Sequential Form component – approve signups and take run different workflow paths based on whether they are approved or not approved

πŸ‘† One click deployment means you can get your signup flow up and running in minutes

πŸ”€ Integrations including with Airtable so you can push your signup data into a database

⚑ API Export allows you to send your data to any other app, service or system

βŒ› Version tracking means any changes you make won’t break any existing or unsubmitted signup forms

And many more components which allow you to make your signup flow as simple or as powerful as you need it to be.

How we built our signup flow in Workflow86

Workflow86 is currently in private beta, so we have to collect details of people who are interested in getting access to the platform. So it made sense that we would use Workflow86 to build our own signup flow.

Here’s what our sign up flow looks like:

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

1. User submits their details via our sign up form, built using the Form component. This form can be embedded into a webpage, which we do hereΒ 

2. When that form is submitted, it triggers 3 actions at the same time (asynchronously): it sends a Slack message to our team channel, it sends a confirmation email to the user who signed up, and it generates another form for us to review

4. Once we have submitted the sequential form, the user gets their invite email with all the details their need to create their early access account.

All in all, it took us about 15 minutes to build this sign-up workflow and get it running from scratch. Any changes we need to make to the workflow (such as adding more tasks, changing questions, content etc) only requires a single click to publish those changes and deploy them live into production.

Sign up for early access πŸ‘‡

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