Elegant forms meets elegant workflow automation.

With Workflow86, you can use Typeform to trigger and run powerful end-to-end workflows built using drag and drop, all without writing any code.

πŸ’ͺ A real power couple

Typeform + Workflow86 means you canΒ  supercharge everything that happens after you hit the submit button – generate documents, create manual approval steps, send tracked follow-up forms, process and transform data, and more. Turn your Typeforms into powerful end-to-end automated workflows and automations with near unlimited flexibility.

πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ What can you build with Typeform + Workflow86?

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Create a user sign-up flow with automated emails and follow-up forms

Using Typeform for a sign up form? Connect it with Workflow86 to turn it into a full user-sign up workflow. Send confirmation emails, follow-up forms, approval steps and Slack notifications to keep your team up to date at all stages.

πŸ“ƒ Generate customised proposals and marketing brochures

Collect your data in Typeform and then use it to generate customised documents such as marketing materials and proposals using Workflow86. Combine it with conditional logic rules to dynamically insert content using “if this then that” rules.

πŸ“£ Collect, analyse and follow up feedback from users

Using Typeform to collect feedback or survey users? Connect it into Workflow86 to automatically analyse responses and trigger follow-ups tasks and actions based on metrics such as satisfaction scores and whether certain key words are present in user responses.

πŸ”€ For the really complex workflows

Workflow86 does not just automate simple business processes. Workflow86 is a no-code platform designed to automate highly complex non-linear workflows. Push the limits of what you can automate with near unlimited flexibility – perform dozens of tasks at once, branch tasks into multiple other tasks at any point, merge tasks together when required, run multiple parallel flows, mix manual and automated tasks together, and create workflows within workflows.

😌 Incredibly easy to use

Workflow86 matches the elegance and ease of use of Typeform with its no-code workflow builder. There is no pseudo-code or formulas to remember, simply drag, drop, and connect on a fully visual interface to create powerful, scalable workflow automation software.

Β πŸ€” FAQ

How is Workflow86 different to tools like Zapier?

The short answer is Workflow86 was designed to handle the more complex workflows that tools like Zapier struggle with. Workflow86 does this by allowing for a lot more flexibility in the design of workflows and how tasks interact within a workflow, and by offering more powerful built-in functionality so you can perform more complex processing and analytics tasks inside of Workflow86 itself.

The long answer to how Workflow86 is different

Zapier is great for simple automations and workflows comprised of a few tasks, but it does not perform very well once your workflow gets more complex. Tools like Zapier focus on being the β€œglue” between different services and apps. However, there is an inherent limitation to what you can achieve by just β€œgluing” services together – once a workflow gets too big or too complex, it tends to fall apart.

Workflow86 was designed to automate complex, non-linear workflows. These are workflows comprised of a complex web of dozens of tasks branching and merging together in very convoluted ways, interacting with each other asynchronously and synchronously, and combining manual steps with automated steps.

In Zapier, your workflow has to conform to a pretty strict structure – it has to be relatively linear, with one task being performed after the other and there is only some limited ability to alter this e.g. branch tasks into separate paths. In Workflow86, there are pretty much no limitations on how you can structure your workflow and have a lot more control over how one task can interact with another task.

Workflow86 also offers more powerful built-in functionality allowing you to do more of your workflow tasks inside Workflow86 itself. This allows you to maintain greater control and cohesiveness over your workflow vs having your workflow split across multiple external services and apps.

How much does Workflow86 cost?

Right now you can sign up and use Workflow86 for FREE 🀯 We have a free subscription that allows you to run 100 workflow sessions each month. A paid plan is also available with pricing to be finalised soon.

What integrations do you have?

We’ve got a growing list of integrations, starting with the most popular tools out there including Slack, Typeform, Google Sheets and Airtable. More integrations are being added every week.

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