Build digital online forms, amazingly fast

Digitize your forms in minutes, and streamline your data collection workflows and business operations with one powerful platform. Powered by AI to get you running in minutes, with zero-learning curve. 

AI-powered form builder to generate ready-to-use online forms in minutes

Build me a sign up for for employees to register for new training courses

Simply describe a requirement or existing form, or upload a screenshot of a paper form and Workflow86 AI will transform it into an online digital form in seconds. Chat with the AI make improvements, and edit manually at any time. 

A versatile form builder for any use case

Easily build online forms for any use case in minutes, with all the features and functionality you would expect from a top-class form builder

Create elegant online forms in minutes

Build elegant and functional online forms in minutes by simply dragging and dropping question types onto a visual canvas.

Add conditional logic rules to make your forms smarter

Use rules to dynamically control when a question or content gets shown, automatically answer a question, set questions to read-only, and more.

Build-in database to track your data

Download you data into a spreadsheet, or get rid of spreadsheets all together with our built-in database to record and track all submissions from your forms. You can then query, update and create new records from any other workflow.

Save and resume progress

Allow users to save their progress and resume at any time. A must have feature for longer and more complex forms.

Display rich content, embed videos and more directly inside your forms

Render rich content inside of your forms, from tables to embedded videos and more.

Customize to your style

Add cover images and logos to customize and style your forms to reflect your brand and identity.

Powerful features to make your forms smarter

Go beyond what other form builders can do with powerful features unique to Workflow that will make your online forms even smarter

Automatically redirect to additional forms

Create powerful multi-part forms and processes. Workflow86 allows you to automatically redirect users from one form to another separate form in the same session.

Dynamically set answer options from a database

Set the answer options for a question directly from the values in a database column. If the values in that column changes, those changes are automatically picked up in all forms referencing that column.

Track submission status and send reminder emails

Create task tickets when a form is started, send automated reminder emails until a form is submitted and more. Workflow86 forms come with built-in task management features so you can use your forms to manage and track any project or process end-to-end.

Supercharge your forms with process automation

Building your form in Workflow86 is just the beginning. Crete powerful workflows using 30+ additional modules and components to truly automate your most complex and important processes. Branch, merge and loop components with near unlimited flexibility.

Connect with your existing tools

With a combination of pre-built integrations, as well as super flexible API connectors that can be set up without any code, you can integrate with other apps at any point inside your workflow.

Built-in databases to unify your data

Replace your spreadsheets with our built-in no-code databases. Designed to work effortlessly with our workflows, create records, update records and query records as part of a workflow, or edit the database manually as well.

Supercharge your business workflows

in under 5 minutes